Simplifying tokens,

for everyone.

Brickstreet is a low-code, cross-chain platform enabling configurable smart contracts for NFT projects.

Branded NFT Project.

Publish your NFT project on your own website in just a few clicks, within minutes.

Choose from a wide variety of templates to match your style.

Cross-chain compatibility.

Compatible with multiple different blockchains so that you choose what fits best for you.

Community Oriented.

Interact with and build a vibrant community on your own website.

Configurable Smart Contracts.

Choose from a variety of smart contract templates across various different use cases to publish what's right for you.

Enter a new age of the internet.

Building high quality, scalable and secure applications on the blockchain is complicated, time-consuming and expensive. We aim to simplify this process by allowing you to create customised projects in a low-code format, while also providing the backend systems for community development on your own website.


Our Vision

We envision a globalised and sustainable society. One in which communication, trade and value is free to flow with continuous and seamless interactions in between people and machines.

We aspire to accelerate the growth of technology towards this future.

Core Team

Upendra Kumar

Product Developer


Roadmap Image 1

  • Ideation and Concept Formation
  • Team Building
  • Concept and Design Validation

Roadmap Image 2

  • Back End Development
  • Website Launch
  • Roadmap Launch
  • Tokenomics Ideation
  • Team Expansion

Roadmap Image 3

  • Litepaper Launch
  • Smart Contracts Creation & Testnet
  • Contract Audits
  • Legal Compliances
  • Public Announcement of Tokens
  • Fundraise (Part 1)
  • AMA with Founder

Roadmap Image 4

  • Technical Upgrades
  • Whitepaper Launch
  • Platform Launch and Public Sale
  • Strategic Listings
  • BRIKscan Explorer
  • Token Bridge Creation

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